Do your clients enjoy doing business with you?

Would you like them to?

If so, here are five things you can do today:

1. Let your customers know they are important to you:

Whether face to face, on the telephone or via e-mail, always leave your clients feeling more positive and enthusiastic by the end of your interaction with them than they were at the beginning.

By doing this you will strengthen your mutual relationship and ensure that they are encouraged and motivated to want to do business with you on a regular basis.

2. Make them feel special:

Always treat everyone you meet within an organisation as if they (and only they) hold the key to the success of your role, project or business.

If you willingly go the extra mile for them, your clients will respond by bringing extra business to you, allowing you access to their networks and they will be willing to give you glowing testimonials. Be as resourceful and as imaginative as you can in meeting their specific needs.

3. Keep your promises:

Do whatever you have promised to do so that others know you are reliable, honest and have integrity.

Always under promise and over deliver to your clients. If there is a problem, be honest and communicate with your client every step of the way. Keeping them informed is more than half the battle.

People like to know where they stand and would rather be told there is a four week delay and have the delivery in three weeks, than there is a 48 hour delay and still be waiting three weeks later.

Your reputation in business is important and you need to do everything you can to enhance and uphold it.

4. Discuss what is happening:

Take the time to discuss both the challenges and the successes with your clients. This creates an opportunity for colleagues and clients to ask questions that didn’t come up before, to come up with innovative solutions to any problems and to strengthen your the relationship with one another.

5. Thank them for their business:

Never forget to say thank you – for their time and effort, their ideas, their hospitality and most of all their business. Never underestimate the effect that being polite, courteous and considerate brings to your business relationships.