Grunge Stempel rot TIME FOR COACHINGCoaching is usually the missing piece in the majority of Management Development programmes.

It’s critical that Management Development is both practical and supported back in the workplace. Tailored coaching achieves this and accelerates the skills transfer right to the heart of where it matters – in the workplace.

Your management team quickly increase their skills, knowledge and competence through the combined powers of Dynamic Training and Dynamic Coaching.

Dynamic Coaching is an interactive process that is designed to help individuals to develop rapidly.

Growth Dynamic Programmes are usually work related and focused on improving performance or behaviour.

It is a goal-orientated form of personally tailored learning for a busy executive, manager or team leader.

The essential features of Coaching Dynamics are that it is a short-term, time limited, goal specific, action orientated, personally tailored approach to personal development and improvement.

Our studies have found considerable confusion in organisations about the differences in theory and in practice between the ‘labels’ of coaching, mentoring and a range of other one to one support processes.

The Growth Dynamic’s approach differentiates coaching from mentoring, organisational development, counselling, and psychotherapy.

Dynamic Coaching

Once the Development Programme has been completed the one-to-one coaching sessions begin. These begin with the focus on the organisational objective. Each participant is taken though the Structured Coaching Framework thoroughly and generates three key goals that they believe they can successfully achieve.

Each of the remaining coaching sessions works with the coachee to eliminate every limiting factor that would or could stop each goal from being successfully realised. The limiting factors are all that stand between success and failure. No limiting factor means no failure. By the end of the Dynamic Coaching process all goals will have been achieved.

The Development DNA of the tailored, themed and linked development modules is then entwined with a highly structured and focused coaching programme of 12 one hour sessions – usually run every three weeks.

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